Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exploring 3D Printers at the OC Mini Maker Faire 2013

OC Mini Maker Faire 2013 in Irvine, California was a great opportunity to explore and learn more about 3D Printers.

The 3D Printers are unique in that they actual replicate a digital drawing/design/model out of plastic.

The process is fascinating to watch.

The actual replication is done fairly quickly
3D Plastic Printed Puzzle

and the finished product is an amazing 3D replica of the original digital model.

The upside of this process is that it allows for an artist to create prototypes.

They can also produce multiple pieces to sell at small venues.

The artist controls the finished product from design to finish.

There are a large selection of 3D printers out in the market now.

That being said, the wax can vary in colors, texture and thickness.  The amount of the plastic materials various in accordance to the digital model specifications.  The price on these printers can vary as well.


  1. I really like the spiral captive ball piece you have created. I would like to print one on my Makerbot, but do not have the Solidworks skills to do so. Could you share your 3D file?

    1. Hi Chris, That is not my design. I took a picture of the different projects they were demonstrating at the Maker Faire.