Monday, December 12, 2011

A review of some of the Stampendous Embossing Powders


The "Painting with Powder" line of embossing powders by Stampendous offers the user an opportunity to paint a surface in a manner similar to working with chalks or other media.  The more well known technique to painting with embossing powder is "Fran's Painting with Powder Technique™" which you can view on the Stampendous you tube channel.  The powders are used to create fun abstract paintings on various objects but using her special technique and these embossing powders.  This is being promoted as a fun way to use embossing powders to create a different type of art.  

The kit they sent me was the "Scenic Selection" which comes with 14 jars in a variety of colors, which 

are: white, star dust, clear bark, olive, lettuce, periwinkle, baby blue, clear lemon, sunny yellow, golden sand, honey, paprika, chinese red, and ruby red. 
This kit has a helpful "Tips & Technique" chart and comes with two scoop straws to aid in the use of the embossing powders.

The manufacturer recommends using the Versamark™ Clear slow drying ink with these embossing powders to get the best results.

  For my first project I decided to use the embossing powders on a glass ornament to see if it would work.
I used one of the stamps enclosed in the kit, the "VersaMark" ink pad and some of the embossing colors.
I stamped the image onto a clean glass ornament and applied the powders.  Since it was a curved surface, I had a little trouble getting a clear image.
I decided to keep the image as is and a little more embossing powder in certain areas to give it some definition.

I also added a little glitter to the embossing powder to give it some sparkle.  I heated it carefully (to not allow too much of the glitter to fly away).  It is a bit difficult to see the sparkle on the picture but it looks great hanging in the window.

For the next project, I decided to try my hand at the "Fran's Painting with Powder Technique"™.  In case you have not already figured it out, I do not have very much experience with embossing powders.  However, I decided to give it a try anyway.  I applied the VersaMark pad all over the board.

Then added each color, starting with the lightest.

Then adding more color,

until I ended up with this finished gift tag which looks similar to the sample on the packaging label.

For my third project, I decided to make a card for a friend.  I also decided to test the powders on different colors of paper to see how the embossing colors would look on them.
Here is how the colors look on a black board.  Interestingly enough, the lighter yellow embossing powders on the top left corner, look green on the black background.
Here is a sample on regular card board.  Again, the yellow colors on the top right corner do not look yellow but kind of a yellow green.
And here is what the embossing powder looks like on cold press water color paper.  Because of the texture of the water color paper, it almost looks like chalk.  The colors showed up fabulously.
I used these samples to make the third project which is a card for a friend.

I also wanted to try these powders on wood to see how they would work.  So I gathered my supplies
and started by painting the wood box with some copper paint (#664 Metallic Copper) from Plaid.
I let the paint dry over night.  Then I applied the VersaMark pad all over the top part of the box.  Then I added the embossing colors, from lightest to dark, until I was satisfied. Here is what it looked like before I heat set the embossing powder.
And here is what it looked like once I heat set the embossing powders.

 I did not like how the blue came out on the box so I decided to see if the green colors were sufficiently opaque to cover the blue embossing powder.  I like this look much better.

I added some leaf cut shells, a button, and a special cross (that a friend sent to me) to the box.  So I was able to use these same powders to make a faux enamel type of box by mixing these powders with some mica and glitter.  Then by overlaying some of the colors to make them pop a little bit more.  It worked great and the box looks exactly the way I wanted it to.

The embossing powders are a mixture that ranges from translucent to opaque.  This allows for some interesting results, depending on the surface you are going to use them on.  The embossing powders can be used on paper, wood, glass, and a variety of other surfaces.  

  • Some of the colors are opaque which is great for covering darker surfaces.
  • Some of the colors are more translucent which lends well to working on lighter surfaces and glass, however you may want to use an opaque color underneath to make the top color show better.
  • These powders can be layered onto different surfaces.
  • You can add a variety of materials like mica, glitter, etc. to the embossing powder to create additional special effects.  There are directions on the Stampendous website for mixing embossing colors to create different effects.
  • The sunny yellow and white turn a strange color when used on dark surfaces, so be mindful of that when planning out your project.


  1. Fabulous review! I love playing with Fran's Painting w/Embossing Powder Technique too!

  2. Thanks for the nice review, Maria. Your projects turned out fantastic. Sounds like you had fun with your embossing experience! :)

  3. Hmmm....very interesting, I never heard of this before, wonder why. I have only recently tried their product the Frantage EPs - those work well too. Maybe I will look around to see if these are around because it looks like a good value just for the colours included.

    Your box looks very cool!