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Dollar Store Halloween Hat Tutorial

If you are looking for a cheap and easy woman’s Halloween costume accessory that is easy to make, this Halloween Gothic Themed hat is so fun to make.  My daughter wanted a lightweight and easy to wear gothic styled hat.  Her budget was around $10.  So we went to the local dollar store Halloween costume department to see what would work.   They had some great pieces, which we put together to create this hat. We started with this cool hat blank we got at the dollar store.

Materials Purchased:
  •       Felt Hat  
  • ·      Spider web patterned fabric square 
  • ·      Decorative Halloween Cape

  • ·      Floral spray with Plastic Spider (you can also find similar items separately at your local dollar store or Craft store)

Supplies Needed:
  • ·      Glue gun
  • ·      Glue
  • ·      Scissors
  • ·      Black Thread
  • ·      Needle
  • ·      Long nose pliers
  • ·      Wire cutters

Step 1:
Remove all the decorations from the hat.  If you have any residue left on the hat from the glue, just pop the hat into the freezer for an hour.  Then scrape off the glue.

Step 2:
To create the veil, using the needle and thread, loosely gather one end of the spider web fabric square.  Then pin it onto the front brim of the hat.  Once you lay it out and like the way it looks, you can either tack it down with a needle and thread or glue it down with a hot glue gun.  It is all a matter of preference.

Step 3:
Cut the cape in half, lengthwise so you end with a nice long piece.  Then either glue or sew this piece onto the crown (the area just above the brim) of the hat. 

Step 4:
Attach the flowers using a glue gun (or sew them) to one side of hat brim.

Step 5:
To finish just adhere the glitter spiders* to the hat. (If you cannot find any glitter spiders, they are pretty easy to make. You just put craft glue onto some plastic spiders and cover them with glitter. )

Since we already have an abundance of crafting supplies in our house.  We only needed to spend a total of $6 (including tax) to make this hat and she got to personalize the hat to reflect her own vision.  I highly recommend checking out your local dollar stores for accessories to personalize your own costume pieces.  

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