Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jewel Loom Inspirations by Julianna C. Avelar | Review

Jewel Loom Inspirations by Julianna C. Avelar is wonderfully done book filled with colorful and beautiful projects for making loom jewelry using her Jewel Loom (from Beadalon). I did a book flip though so that you can enjoy the beautiful projects, however I did  cover the materials lists for each project and quickly passed through the instructions to preserve the joy of actually owning the book.

The “Jewel Loom Inspirations” book is a wonderful book for the first time and beginning Beader to learn how to use a loom and how make a variety of different type of jewelry projects.  The more experienced Beader may enjoy the many beautifully designed projects that are included in this book.  The Book is perfect to use along with Julianna’s Jewel Loom kit from Beadalon.  

The technique pages include well thought out photographs so that the reader can truly follow along. 
There are some great step by step photo for each technique, as well as the project. Below is a picture I took of Julianna demonstrating her "Jewel Loom" at a local Craft Show.  It really is easy to use the loom and her designs for it are excellent.

The projects included in the "Jewel Loom Inspirations"  book are very contemporary and can be worn by anyone wanting to make and show off unique and beautiful jewelry.  

The book contents includes:
  • ·      Introduction
  • ·      Getting Started
  • ·      Materials (easy to find materials, including adhesives)
  • ·      Tools (she lists tools that are specific to these projects)
  • ·      The Jewel Loom (A great explanation of the Jewel Loom and how to use it)
  • ·      Stringing The Warp Threads
  • ·      Building a Base
  • ·      Finishing Techniques
  • ·      17 Projects:
    • o   Checkered Cuff
    • o   Ocean’s Desire Beaded Bracelet
    • o   Elegant Pearl Bracelet
    • o   Ombre Cubed Bracelet
    • o   Great Pyramid Cuff
    • o   Surf’s Up Beachy Cuff
    • o   Bugle Bead Leather Cuff
    • o   Mix-and-Match Beaded Band
    • o   Boho Happiness Wrap
    • o   Mardi Gras Beaded Band
    • o   Funky Fringe Headband
    • o   Loopy Jewel Ring
    • o   Victorian Choker
    • o   Goddess Amulet
    • o   Sunshine Sparkle Earring
    • o   Swarovski Crystal Brooch
    • ·      And a wonderful Inspiration Gallery that features the work of other Designers & Artists.

I really found that the “Jewel Loom Inspirations” project photographs, explanations and tutorials in this book were so very helpful in figuring out how to properly use the jewel loom.  She also offers some tips throughout the book to help the reader gain some additional insight and/or skills.  The step-by-step directions in this book are well thought out and very easy to follow. The photography of the jewelry projects in this book is beautiful.  The projects are fairly easy to do and do not involve a tremendous investment in time and money.  

For those that love using beading charts, this book does have one for a more difficult project.  However, the design of most of these projects truly does not require a graph to be able to complete the projects. 

I love this book and would recommend it as a great accompanying gift with the Jewel Loom Kit.

You can buy either through Amazon.  I am including a link for you. 

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