Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire Crafts on Display

For my fellow avid crafters, a look some of the different "Arts & Crafts" opportunities that are

offered at the local Renaissance Faire.

The Renaissance Faire also offers visitors the opportunity to watch daily demonstrations of different types of crafts by various artists that are scattered throughout the faire.

The Renaissance Faire offered visitors this year a wonderful selection of crafting classes for both children and adults through their

"Queens College" program.  They had skilled leatherworks who taught students how to make their

own messenger bags from scraps of leather.  The students also got to decorate their bags with an

interesting assortment of ephemera that helped give the bag its own theme.

Children who visited the faire had their own opportunities to learn some fun crafts at "Kings

Kingdom".  These included making cloth dolls, wheat weaving, embroidery, spinning, herbal sachets

and other fun projects.  They even had the opportunity to learn simple chainmalle techniques.

One of the guilds was demonstrating weaving and spinning techniques.

Another fun craft class was a rose bud necklace workshop.

And for the embroidery enthusiasts they had black work demonstrations.

You can see some of the beautiful blackwork accents on the necklines of the chemise that these two ladies are wearing.
A close up view of some blackwork done on the collar line of the chemise.

The "Inkle Loom" workshop offered a chanace to make some hand woven belts.
The hand woven belts in the picture below are made using two different size inkle looms.
They also offered two ribbon folding workshops. One was to decorate a fan with ribbon and

the other was to make a key fob or pin holder (like the one below).
There was a simple beading class that incorporated feathers to make the fun pin below.

The pulled thread workshop at the faire site that looked pretty interesting and easy to learn.

The classes were very affordable and ranged from $5 to $35. Tthe classes included the cost of supplies which made it an even better deal.  So next time you go to a Renaissance Faire, keep a look out for crafting opportunities and a chance to learn some new techniques.


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