Monday, November 10, 2014

Origami 365 Kit by Taro Yaguchi | Book Review

Origami 365: Includes 365 Sheets of Origami Paper for A Year of Folding Fun is a wonderful way to become familiar with Taro Yaguchi's Origami Method where they teach by each individual fold and not by
projects.  The reader is encouraged to
master each fold first and then once the reader has mastered it, then they
should move onto the next one. 

You may wonder why this is important? Well the more
difficult Origami folds are much easier to tackle if you have a good base to
work from.  All the origami folds in this
book begin with some basic folds called a “Kata”.  The reader is encouraged to use patience to
learn the folding techniques and master the various techniques covered in this

The Kit Contains:

  • 1 full-colored book
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to follow diagrams to learn the basic folds
  • 12 Origami Projects
  • 365 Sheets of origami paper in a variety of different colors,
  • patterns and sizes

Origami is a wonderful way to teach young and old alike,
spatial relationships.  The process of
learning the different folds in the order that Taro presents them is a great
way to teach young people how to follow directions, interpret patterns and how
to make three-dimensional pieces.  This
kit is a great way to introduce someone to Origami with everything they need in
one easy to use and store kit.

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