Monday, May 9, 2016

10 Reasons to Shop at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is going on now and it is an event where you can shop at a variety of vendors who sell handmade jewelry, 

Crystaline Glass by Jon Price

pewter ware and other unique handmade collectibles.  

So here are my 10 Reasons to Shop at the OriginalRenaissance Pleasure Faire:

1)      If you want to experience a unique, entertaining and very interactive shopping experience, then you should think about visiting the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

2)      If you love dressing up in costume, Cosplay and/or role-playing a character from the same time period, then you can gig with the merchants while you shop.  

      It only adds to fun while you search for some unique finds to add your collections.  

      Or some fun items to add to your child's costume like the wooden swords and shields below.

       Plus you can get your picture taking with a variety of other faire goers from different time eras as well.

3)      If you are looking for some themed clothing, then there are also a great selection of clothing vendors who sell renaissance themed clothing 

       and festival wear.  

      Many of their items can be worn to other similar type festivals, Comic Con and other such events. 

4)      If you have ever wanted to shop while eating a Turkey leg, then you will find the Turkey legs are freshly cooked and quite tasty.  If you are a messy eater, bring a bib.  The Turkey legs can be a bit juicy.
5)      If you love handmade jewelry and want to add something unique to your collection then this is the place to be.  Here are some of my favorite merchants:
pale-moon makes jewelry for men and women

a.    Pale-Moon – where customers can find some beautifully hand carved bone pieces by Christopher Miller.  
             You can pick out your favorite pieces and have them strung to 
      create your own one of kind necklaces.  I have a large 
      collection of necklaces that I add a piece to each year.

b.    ArtoFactoryWearable necklaces and art pieces that are made of old engine parts that are up cycled into beautiful jewelry by the artist Eghan Thompson.

6)      If you have ever wanted to take a shopping break and attend a live “Joust Tournament” while drinking cold ale then you are at the right place.  The Joust takes place several times a day. The ale and food stands are conveniently located nearby to serve you.  Pick a knight you like, and be prepared to cheer him to victory.

7)      If you have wanted to try out archery but just don’t have time, then you can take a break from shopping and for a small fee you can give it a try.  There are also games booths that offer axe throwing, fencing, fishing wells (for the kids) and other fun activities.  There  is also a hidden gem called "Kids Kingdom" where Children can find craft activities, shows geared especially for them and so much more.

8)      If you get tired from shopping you can also find a lovely hay bale to sit on and watch a variety of shows, which vary from belly dance performances to audience interactive shows like “MooNiE the Magnif'Cent”.  

      Where you may be lucky enough to be picked from the audience to be his onstage assistance. 

9)      If you love freshly handmade soaps, oils and creams, there are several vendors at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire who offer these types of wares.  You can find lovely herbal soaps and even soaps made with honey and oats. There are also live demonstrations by some of the guilds on the process of making soaps, drying herbs and more.
10)  If you have been searching for that perfect color of yarn to knit something fun and unique.  The Guild of Saint Cuthbert’s has live demonstrations on spinning yarn. They also make available for purchase, some beautifully hand spun and hand dyed yarns for faire goers.  

       If you want to spin at home, they do have hand turned drop spindles for sale too.   And if the experience of going back in time to the Renaissance gives you an urge for a cup of tea, the Guild of Saint Cuthbert’s also offers a daily “Tea with the Queen” experience which can be quite fun to attend. 

      You never know who you might run into.

So all in all, if you like to be entertained while you shop, consider visiting the
Orignal Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California and spend the afternoon shopping in an atmosphere of playful fun and entertainment.

These are my ten reasons for shopping at my local Ren Faire. What are yours?

Note: this is not a paid post, I just enjoy going to the faire, meeting new people and above


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