Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review of the E.K. Success - Martha Stewart Embroidery Set

The E.K. Success Company sent me this cute baby one-piece and cap embroidery set from their Martha Stewart Crafts embroidery line.  I love making gifts for infants.  So I was very excited that they had a new line of embroidery projects for baby gifts.  At first glance the kit looks a little plain because the colors on the packaging are printed in a yellow ink that seems to fade out the colors of the thread on the baby set.  The thread colors are actually more vibrant out of the packaging.  I really liked the simple "let it bee" design on the two baby project pieces, along with the color choice of the threads for this design.
Kit Contents

Here is what comes in the kit:
  • 1 cotton one-piece pre-printed in wash-away ink
  • 1 cotton cap pre-printed in wash-away ink
  • 1 needle
  • presorted cotton thread (Papaya, Marina, and Pumpernickel)
  • easy illustrated directions

One piece shirt
The one piece shirt and cap are very soft and made of 100% cotton with the designs already printed on them in a "wash-away ink".   
baby cap

I love that the company placed the threads on a color coded thread organizer card that directly corresponds with the drawings, which makes it easy to identify the right threads.

Additionally, the Martha Stewart  Embroidery Kit includes an easy to follow Key Chart that not only lists the stitches but breaks it down by color.  

The directions themselves are well illustrated and easy to follow.  Instead of being too wordy, they have done the illustrations in varied thicknesses and colors that correspond back to the chart.  

You only need to do three stitches to complete this kit.
  • the stem stitch
  • the back stitch
  • the french knot

All you have to do is look at the Key Chart and match the line and you will know which color and stitch to use.  This is an ideal beginner embroidery project and the final pieces are so adorable.

  • The pieces in this kit are pre-printed in a wash-away ink, so remember not to pre-wash the two pieces or you will lose the design. 
  • Use an embroidery hoop, it makes the project go faster.

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