Friday, June 2, 2017

Prima Nomad’s Traveler’s Journal Review

The new Prima Nomad's travelers journal is a beautiful brown bonded leather cover that features a side zipper pouch to securely hold small items.  The mixing of the leather and other materials to make the bonded leather gives this cover make a visually appealing texture and feel. It is the cover I like for everyday use, since it has a more classic appearance. This is just one of the new Prima Marketing Travelers Journals that I purchased.  If you want to read my review on the Prima Jet Setter Travelers Journal then just click on the name.    The prima travelers journals all come in a plastic box that helps protect them during shipping. 

Here is a view of the back side of the clear shipping box.

Bonded Leather Protector Piece

The Prima Nomad's Travel Journal starter set that I purchased includes:

  • Bonded Leather Cover is 16.256cm x 21.844 cm folded (click here for conversion to inches
  • Bonded Leather Protective Piece (6.36 cm x 3.85cm) attached to the outer elastic band 
  • 4 Interior elastic bands, 
  • 1 Journal Charm, and
  • 2 blank smooth white colored paper inserts (notebooks)
  • 1 Zippered Pouch
One of the best features of the Prima Nomad's Traveler's Journal is the zippered pouch which securely holds coins and other small items.  
Side view of zipper pocket
The zippered pouch features a zipper pull and has the Prima Travelers Journal charm attached to it.
The Nomad's travelers journal includes two non lined paper journal inserts. These journals are stapled so I recommend putting some washi tape over the staples to protect the elastic.

The Prima travelers journal itself measures 10"x6.5" (16.256cm x 21.844 cm) when folded.   The Prima Jet-Setter travelers journal starter kits sell for around $34.99 to $ 39.99 on Amazon and other online sources. This journal is beautiful. I love how the pockets on this one are layed out.

I was able to stuff this travelers journal with four inserts, a ruler, credit cards and some sticky notes and it stretched to approximately 2" inches(4.5 cm) and it held up very well. 

You can add more than the four books to the Prima Nomad's Bonded Leather Traveler's Journal by using the "Travelers Notebook" connecting Bands in the standard size.  I tried them out and they fit these journals well.  
Additionally, the pockets on the front cover of the Nomad's journal are quite unique.  
Jet Setter Front pockets vs Nomad's Front Pockets

You can see the difference in pockets between the Prima Nomad's Travelers Journal and the front inside cover of the Prima Jet Setter Travelers Journal in the photo above.  I really like the unique pockets on this one.

As you can see in the first picture (above)  I have laid out a Hobonichi stencil so you can get an idea of the length of the two top pockets.

I can actually fit the entire stencil in either of those two pockets. So it would hold a ruler or other similarly length item without any problems.

In case you wondering about the quality of the paper, I did an ink test on one of the inserts which is in the Jet-Setter Review.  I found that my pens worked great on the paper.  The ink just went on so smoothly.  Some of the inks did bleed through a little on the back side of the paper but over all it is pretty good. I don't mind the shadowing from the inks onto the back side of the page, since I tend to add ephemera to my pages anyway.  The Prima Marketing site states that these papers are great for mixed media.  I decided to run my own test to see how well these papers would do. In the first photo I used the Prima Watercolors on the paper.

Here is a look at the back of the page.  As you can see there is a very slight shadowing of the watercolor on that side.

I also tested the paper using my Tim Holtz Distress Stain. I choose a pretty bright color to see how much of it would bleed or shadow through to the back side of the paper.

I think it did really well.  I can hardly see the shadowing of the stain on the other side.  

The Prima Marketing Company offers 11 different paper inserts that suit a variety of needs which include mixed media paper, monthly, daily, and even weekly inserts. The paper insert notebooks are pretty reasonably priced and can be purchased on Amazon and other online stores.  They also have a line of stickers and stamps that were created to use with the travelers notebooks.  

Disclaimer: I do not work for Prima Marketing. I purchased these Travelers Style journals with my own money.  Also, these are my own opinions which can vary from others.  My best advice to do a bit of research on the travelers journals that you like and make sure they meet your own personal needs.



  1. 16cm folded? So what is the biggest size notebook you can fit into it?

    1. A standard size insert. You can put a slightly wider insert but it would stick out of the notebook.