Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review of the Recollections Water Resist Cubes with Folk Art Ultra Dyes

If you are fan of word art and colorful wall decor then you should look into the easy fun craft projects supplies offered by Michaels stores through their new Recollections Water Resist Cubes.  These are really easy to do craft projects that require minimal paper craft supplies and time.  Michaels offers several different sizes in the Recollections Water Resist Cubes, as well as different sayings. So those of you who love word art will find some fun quick word art projects to do with that line.

Beyond the different sayings, I also love the decorative motifs that each cube offers.  The cubes are made from paper and do not weigh very much.  Keep this in  mind when working on the cubes because if you decide to work with water color crayons, you don't want to use too much water at one time.  The paper cube will buckle a little if you do that.

The Recollections Water Resist Cubes and papers are pretty easy to use, you just paint or spritz watercolor, the recollections spray ink, or your favorite a watercolor product.  I thought they were the perfect project to test out my new Folk Art Ultra Dyes.

So I pulled out a selection of colors which I color tested on some wood to figure which colors I wanted to use.

Once I decided on the colors, I started to brush the  Folk Art Ultra Dyes onto the canvas. I found that the Folk Art Ultra Dyes worked beautifully on the  Recollections Water Resist Cubes.

The colors were bright and they dried very quickly.  I was really happy with the great results I got with Folk Art Ultra Dyes onto the Recollections Water Resist Cubes.

After you brush or lightly spray the color onto the canvas, use a clean damp paper towel to dab off the excess color from the resist pattern.

My Michaels Craft Store had a good selection of this product line which included the Recollections Resist Patterned Canvases, Recollections Color Splash paper flowers (both painted and unpainted), Recollections Resist Color Splash Die Cuts, Recollections Resist Color Splash Paper Pads and the Recollections Color Splash Crayons.  I decided to just purchase a few pieces and test them out with materials I already had at home.

The Recollections Water Resist Paper Flowers

If you like to add to the painting, then the Recollections line also offers some fun "Color Splash" paper flowers which are great to use as accents on your project.  The store sold both the painted and unpainted flowers.  I liked the way the painted one's looked and bought a package of those, as well as the unpainted ones. These are such versatile paper art supplies that can be use for scrapbooking, card making and so much more.

I wanted to mention that while painting my Recollections Water Resist Cube, I noticed a that regardless of how gently I patted and/or brushed the color on, I ended up with quite a bit of pilling on the canvas.
You can see the pilling on the canvas here.
To fix that I found that if I just waited for it to dry a little, then I could gently sweep them off the canvas. So if it happens to you, know that you are not alone and it may be some part of the resist that is coming off when put in contact with the painting medium.

If you have always wanted to create your own wall art and let your crafty self shine, you may want to check out this new line at Michaels.  I think they would make a great base for altered wall art, that you could build on with other ephemera.

Have you tried these Recollections Water Resist Cubes and papers? What type of experience have you had with them?  Leave a comment below and share your experience.

Note: I was not paid to do this review. I purchased my cubes at Michaels and wanted to share my experience with you.

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