Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scented Duct Tape Review & A Duck Tape Rose Valentine's Day Project

The Duck Tape Brand Company their new line of Duck Brand Scents Duct Tape for crafters to have some creative and scented fun with.  They have added scents to their Duct Tape in fun kid orientated themes.  I have always been a fan of Duct Tape because it can be used for quick household repairs and a variety of crafting uses.  Adding scent to their crafting line of tapes make sense.  Now I would not use this tape for household repairs because it costs more than regular Duck Tape does.  However, it is great for when you want to create a fun floral project that would only be enhanced with the addition of scent.

The new line features several new scents like bubble gum,

cupcake, grape, lemon,

mint, and orange cream.

If you are not a crafter, you may not understand why this is so fun.  A great example of how a crafter could use this is for easy craft projects is the "Duck Tape Roses" project by Carolina Moore.  This could be an easy and cool valentines day project for the kids of all ages to try.
Duck Tape Rose by Carolina Moore of the "30 Minute Crafts" blog

In the FaveCrafts Video Below "Carolina Moore from 30 Minute Crafts demonstrates how easy, fun, and inexpensive it is to create these decorative Duct Tape Roses".

You can also find great step by step directions and photo's on her blog "30 Minute Crafts".  She also features many other great crafts that can be done in under 30 minutes.

Additionally, you don't have to make the entire rose. You can just cut out a few of the shapes and tape them down onto a card to make a simple dimensional rose Valentine's Card.  I would use a button for the center of the rose on the card or a cut out circle with a poem written on it.  Basically, you can use the techniques she teaches to create a lot of different projects.

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