Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easy Recycled Paper Projects YouTube Tutorials

These are just some of the many easy recycled paper project YouTube tutorials that are available for learning to make some basic baskets and recycled paper jewelry.  This first tutorial is from Janice May.  She demonstrates how to make a tightly coiled magazine paper bead to use for jewelry projects.

This second tutorial is from Idunn Goddess, who shows how to make a fun basket from recycled newspaper.

The third tutorial is by Mariaamora2001.  It is a very basic recycled newspaper basket weaving project, using a slightly different style.

The fourth tutorial is by Gustamon.  While the video is in Spanish, you do not need to speak Spanish to make the project. There is no weaving, just roll and glue.  You can also change it by wrapping the newspaper around a balloon, then allowing it to dry.  Once dry, just pop the balloon.

These are all very easy and fun ways to use recycled materials for crafting and home decor projects.


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