Monday, January 14, 2013

OBAN Festival Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement) Exhibition

Mari Yukawa Prasad
This year's OBAN Festival at the Zenshuji Soto Mission featured a Japanese Ikebana flower

arrangement exhibition.  Here are some images of the Ikebana arrangements from the show.
Curnow Dan

Ikebana is a spiritual art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.  The practitioner practices silence and reflection while creating these beautiful displays.  The arrangements draw the viewers eyes toward line, form, and shape.  The practitioner shows their intention with through all these elements through the finished piece.

Curnow Dan

Alfonso Mendoza

Homer Mason

Yoshu Miyahara

Shoko Koizumi

Haruko Takeichi
Hiroko Szechinski

Izumi Uemura

Ryoko Nishidate
A closer look.

Ryoko Nishidate

Toka Inoue

Yoko Shimojyou
If you are interested in seeing more of this art form the Ikebana International has a great website to refer to, also you can search YouTube for some fun "How To" videos.


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