Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Card Craft Projects: Easy Ways to Recycle Old Cards, Part 1

If you have ever sent or received Christmas Cards, you know how hard it is to throw away some of these fun treasures.

     I have a box filled with both old Christmas cards; as well as some left over cards from years gone by.  I decided to come up with some easy craft project that my kids could do to re-use these cards this year.
We located some simple craft supplies (scissors, glue, dimensional tape, glue dots, glitter, etc.) that we had around the house.

Above are some of the new Christi Friesen Glitzy Glitters.  I love the different textures in these glitters, because they really reflect light a lot and make craft projects a bit more fun.

Hint: when working with glitter, I recommend using the Perfect Printing Pouch which keeps
Perfect Printing Pouch
the glitter from sticking to surfaces.  By using it, the kids were able to control where the glitter adhered to on the card.  It is a handy tool when working with glitter or embossing powders.
     I then took a couple of cards that I had duplicates of and had the kids cut out some of the elements.

Then they added glitter to parts of the card.

They used the dimensional tape to attach the snowman cut out to the card base.  The tape gives the card a bit more dimension and the snowman a bit of a shadow.  In the snowman card below, the kids cut out the hat, the scarf and the red gift box.

They added some highlights with glitter, as well as some rhinestones to make the card pop.  As you can see this is super easy and just requires a little drying time (for the glitter).  Tomorrow I will post another easy Christmas card recycling project.


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