Thursday, November 1, 2012

Easy Panel Privacy Screen Project for Outdoor Living Space

DIY Privacy Screen Project

Living in California, we usually have mild weather.  This year the weather has been a bit more extreme and very warm (over 90 degree days).  So I had a need to filter the afternoon sun from my front room to help keep the heat down.  Since putting a blanket over the window is unrealistic, I tried but it looked really tacky (see picture below).  I realized I needed to make a screen or panel that was removable and inexpensive.
The blanket looks too tacky.

Since I have to buy books for school, my budget indicated that I needed to make it for under $20.  So I decided to check out Ikea's clearance room and see if I could find something to make it with.  I found a wooden closet frame (Sniglar)  for $4.99 that would be fairly easy to convert into a panel to cover the window.

Then I went to the dollar store and purchased three straw beach mats for a total of $3.

Since I was changing the original design of the closet, I had to lay out the wood parts.  Then I marked and drilled some new holes.  Then I used the hardware included in the kit and put the frame together.  It took about 8 minutes to assemble.

I stapled the straw beach mats onto the wood base, so they would stay on even during one of our local Santa Ana Wind storms.
I attached all three straw beach mats and tied the bottoms to the wood frame for extra security.

Then I sprayed the finished frame piece with a protective finish to water proof it.

Here is the finished screen.  It cost me less than $20 and I was able to make it in under 20 minutes (not counting the time it takes for the water proofing spray to dry).  The added plus is that it looks a lot better than my original idea of just hanging a blanket over the window.  Plus I can still open the window and I get the evening breeze without the heavy sunlight flowing in.

Screen is behind the willow chairs that I made earlier this summer.


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