Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wierd Things I See on the 405 Freeway

Driving on the 405 freeway can be very amusing. You get to see a lot of unusual things on the road. Especially during the worst traffic times.

Recently, while driving past John Wayne Airport, I saw this neat truck. It is actually a mannequin taking a show in a shower stall. My friend shot the picture for me so I could share this unique method of advertising.

There are a lot of strange and unique cars in the Los Angeles area. I have seen one that is covered in beads, another that is covered in medals, etc. The local car shows are a blast with all the creative folks in the LA area.

The following is a picture of a car being used as a christmas yard decoration with lighting and all.

If you happen to like unusual cars or personalized licenses..... if you like trolls, you will love this car .

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